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Richard WilsonRichard Wilson was born and brought up in Norwich, and has been making pots since the early 1970s. After studying for two years at Great Yarmouth College of Art, he worked from 1974 to 1980 at Le Dieu Pottery in Norwich before spending 3 years in Australia and New Zealand, and a further five in Germany, working with many potters using different techniques, in particular woodfired saltglazes.

Whilst in Germany, Richard spent some time with potters whose work drew from Eastern European designs, and has himself been especially inspired by Hungarian and Romanian slipware from the 1800s. He has also been strongly influenced by the Cardew tradition of English country pottery, having spent some months working at Wenford Bridge in the 1980s, learning about the strengths and subtleties of Cardew’s work.

The workshop is situated in West Bay, Dorset, in a converted timber yard, with a kiln area one end and the workshop and showroom/retail area occupying the majority of the space. Visitors are able to watch Richard at work, throwing, finishing and decorating. All his work is biscuit fired to 1010ºC, then clear-glazed and re-fired in a 30 cubic foot gas kiln to 1120ºC

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