Richard Wilson the potterRecently Richard’s work has explored colour and abstract patterns in strong forms that capture the ebb and flow of the sea and the landscape of South West Dorset.

As a member of several pottery associations including Professional Member of the Craft Potters Association and ex chairman of the West Country Potters Association, he has been selected over the years for many ceramic fairs here in England and in Europe. His work is sold in many galleries in the UK from Scotland to Cornwall and also the Caribbean.

Richard’s current work has a strong emphasis on slip decoration, with bold, abstract designs overlaid with slip-trailed patterns. He produces a wide range of domestic ware as well as larger, “one-off” vases and plates.

Recently Richard has been working on flat form pots, some in black and others have textures on them to reflect the ruggedness of the coast where he works.

These slipware pots have a direct connection to the tradition in England of applying designs as done hundreds of years ago, brought up to date with fresh colours and lively patterns.

The Workshop

The workshop is situated in West Bay, Dorset, in a converted timber yard, with a kiln area one end and the workshop and showroom/retail area occupying the majority of the space. Visitors are able to watch Richard at work, throwing, finishing and decorating. All his work is biscuit fired to 1010ºC, then clear-glazed and re-fired in a 30 cubic foot gas kiln to 1120ºC.

Pottery throwing Richard Wilson, West Bay mapCeramics Workshop